Company Profile

nanoart-logo4 began in 2005 with a vision to bring about products and services to benefit families, businesses and corporations. It was a vision driven by an understanding of the need for a higher quality of living, amidst a world challenged by the degradation of our environment and air and water quality.

nanoart-logo4 was formed by Mr Tan Seng Ming who saw the potential of the application of nanotechnology to everyday living. He saw in nanotechnology the potential of a ‘future’ technology that would bring about a betterment in living standards.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Driven by a passion to succeed and foresight of the potential of the products and technology he was pursuing, he researched and subsequently launched various product lines that are based on advance nanotechnology. Currently, he is in strategic alliances with various international manufacturers of nanoscale products. These companies are known for their advance research and technological development in the nanotechnology field. The products launched so far are nanoart-logo4 MPD Air Filters, NanoITS Interior Treatment Solutions and the NanaSCS Self Cleaning Solution.

nanoart-logo4 MPD Filters and Interior Treatment Solutions are applicable to homes and office environments while the NanoSCS Self Cleaning Solution is used for commercial and industrial buildings.